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Many myths have developed about Freemasonry, some having developed hundreds of years ago because of its ‘secret ceremonies’, but nowadays much of the ritual content can be found in books and, in fact, on the internet. Some of the myths are light hearted; others are serious; and some are very serious indeed, but most are products of the imagination of people outside the fraternity.

One of the light hearted myths about Freemasonry is that ‘riding the goat’ occurs during the ceremonies. This is certainly not true and no one is ever likely to see a goat being taken into or out of the masonic hall or to see a goat in the surrounding yard (unless in a rural area perhaps).

One of the serious myths is that Freemasonry is a religion. This is not true, although applicants for joining must have a belief in a Supreme Being, whether It be called God, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, etc.

The choice of religions is up to the individual and Freemasonry only encourages individuals to follow their chosen religion in everyday life.

In Masonic ceremonies, a Sacred Volume is opened at the start and closed at the end. In nations like Australia, where the vast majority of the population speak English and are Christians, the Volume used is the Bible written in English. However if a Jewish person joined in Australia, the Torah probably would be substituted in parts of the ceremony.

In France, the Volume would be the Bible written in French, and in Germany It would be written in German, etc. In Israel It would be the Torah, probably written in Hebrew. In Turkey It would be the Koran written in Arabic.

Another serious myth is that Roman Catholics are not able to join Freemasonry. This is not true, although it is true that in nations like Australia, the vast majority of members are Protestant Christians. There are however in Australia Freemasons who are Roman Catholics.

To repeat the above section, Freemasonry is able to accept people of all religions which focus on one God/Jehovah/etc. There is nothing in the regulations of the order to exclude Roman Catholics or any other church group.

In nations like Italy and France, where the population is very close to 100% Roman Catholic, Freemasonry exists and in fact is flourishing and continues to expand, yet the vast majority of the members follow the Roman Catholic faith.

One of the very serious myths is that Freemasonry is Anti-religious, Satanic, Devil-worshipping, Pagan, etc. This is certainly not true. As explained in the previous sections, Freemasonry encourages individuals to follow their religion, whatever it may be.