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Thistle Lodge No. 490

This is the home page for Thistle Lodge No. 490 of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia .  We have created this site to provide both members and visitors with more information about  Thistle lodge in particular,  but we have also included some general and interesting information about freemasonry.  The visitor will find information regarding contact numbers and other useful pieces of information, like “Freemasonry In Queensland“.

Thistle Lodge No 490 is one of eleven Masonic craft lodges which meet regularly at the Kedron Masonic Centre, 393 Gympie Rd (corner with Oliver St), Kedron, Queensland postcode 4031, Australia.  Kedron is one of the northern suburbs of Brisbane, the capital city of the State of Queensland, the second largest State in Australia.

Our regular monthly meetings commence at 7.15 pm on the first Thursday night of each month except for January and September.  On the first Saturday in September of each year we have our annual Installation meeting commencing at 6.00 pm, when the new Master and Officers are installed and invested for the following 12 months.  Currently we have 33 members, mainly drawn from the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

Thistle Lodge is one of hundreds of Masonic lodges belonging to the United Grand Lodge of Queensland (UGLQ).  In July 2009, UGLQ celebrated 150 years of Freemasonry in Queensland.  In September 2010, Thistle Lodge will celebrate 50 years of its existence, the lodge having been consecrated by UGLQ on the 15th September, 1960, following a petition from 24 members of older lodges to form the new lodge.

During those 50 years, a total of 192 members have been recorded on our roll.  Most of these had joined Masonry for the first time by being ‘initiated, passed and raised’ (ie being put through all three degrees) in Thistle lodge.  Like our 24 Foundation Members, many have also come from other lodges, sometimes because they have moved to Brisbane and sometimes because their ‘mother lodge’ has closed.

Many former members of course have since passed to the Grand Lodge above (ie have passed away).  Others have moved to other locations and are no longer active in the lodge.  At every meeting, we propose a toast to and remember our ‘absent brethren’, wherever they may be.

We include our families and widows of former members in many social events, such as Installation banquets, Xmas functions, picnics, BBQ luncheons and theatre evenings.  We also raise funds for various charity organizations.

If you have any questions regarding Freemasonry in general or about this lodge specifically, visit the contact page for our contact phone numbers or submit an email contact form.